Fletcher Ranch

Designated: March 18, 2003
Location: Sedalia
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Susie Appleby

Historic Significance

Fletcher Ranch is an excellent example of the early ranching tradition of Douglas County’s upper South Platte River country.  Originally homesteaded by Farita and Annie Ammons in the late 1880s, Fletcher Ranch eventually became a part of the Platte River Cattle Company, owned and operated by Elias Ammons.

The ranch served a significant role in the community of the river valley.  Remnants of the old stage road from South Platte Station to the mining town of West Creek can still be seen on the Fletcher Ranch today.  Additionally, the Sylvia School, or the Horse Creek School in District #21, was located on Fletcher Ranch, and served the area from the early 1880s until the early 1930s.  This one-room schoolhouse is still on the property and is used as a cabin by ranch owners.

Today, Fletcher Ranch is the only remaining cattle ranch in operation in the river valley.