Cedar Hill Cemetery

Designated: December 21, 2004
Location: Castle Rock
Current Owner: Cedar Hill Cemetery Association
Nominated By: Starr Oberlin

Historic Significance

The Cedar Hill Cemetery was founded in 1875.  In 1888, a cemetery association was formed, and in 1951, a special district for the cemetery was established.  Cedar Hill is the only cemetery in Castle Rock, and contains the remains of pioneers significant in the early history of Castle Rock and Douglas County.  John Dyer, a famous pioneer, is buried in the cemetery.  He was an itinerant Methodist minister who ministered to the many miners and their families in the mountains of Colorado.  His image can be seen in a stained glass portrait in the rotunda of the Colorado Capital.  Town founders buried in the cemetery include John Craig, Samuel B. Smith, and Benjamin Hammar.

In addition to being the resting place of early pioneers, the historic section of the cemetery contains numerous unique stones and markers that represent the culture and lifestyles of various Douglas County families.

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