Frink House

Designated: January 6, 2009
Location: Larkspur
Current Owner: Privately owned
Nominated by: Danna Hamling, Penny Burdick and Sue Koller

Historic Significance

The Frink House was built between 1913 and 1914 by an unknown builder; however, there is evidence to suggest that Harry Kinner constructed and then sold it to Ellen Frink in 1914.  The chimney on the Frink House was branded with a symbol that looks like a combined 3G, with a backwards “3” at the top and a backwards “G” towards the bottom.

Ellen’s husband, Clarence, was a partial owner of the Carlson & Frink Creamery, which grew and expanded across many parts of the state.  The creamery they owned in Larkspur was well known for its Black Canyon Cheese.

The house is a modified Foursquare, which uses a square footprint, two-story structure, and simple decoration.  It has the original woodwork and floors with a dining room, kitchen, and enclosed porch jutting out from the traditional square. The footprint of the house has not changed in more than fifty years.

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