Gideon Pratt Homestead and Harry C. Pratt Grave

Designated: December 12, 2000
Location: Franktown
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Janet Herman

Historic Significance

This 22-acre property was part of a larger 720-acre homestead filed by Gideon Pratt in 1869.  Gideon was active in state and local government, serving as a state representative, county commissioner, and county assessor.  Gideon Pratt donated an acre of land upon which the Pratt School was constructed.  The school was destroyed by fire around 1899.  The homestead was sold by the Pratt family in 1902 upon Gideon’s death.  The house was subsequently destroyed by fire in 1911.

The homestead is also the burial site of one of Gideon and Lydia Pratt’s nine children, Harry C. Pratt.  Gideon, Lydia and the other children are all buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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