Greenland Townsite

Designated: September 13, 2011
Location: South of Larkspur, west of I-25
Current Owner: Douglas County and others
Nominated by: Penny Burdick

Historic Significance

Greenland was heavily influenced by the course of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, and the territorial road to Colorado City, which also connected surrounding towns. With investments from prominent Denver businessmen, Greenland became one of the major railroad hubs that shipped lumber, grain, clay , potatoes, milk, cheese and cattle to Denver and its surrounding communities. Some of the cattle ranches in operation were the Greenland, Allis and Noe. During its heyday, Greenland was a vibrant town with a variety of industries and businesses, including:

  • A post office that operated from 1873 until 1959
  • The Greenland School that opened in 1883, operated up until 1951, when it closed, and reopened again in 1954, and closed again 1957
  • The Higby Mercantile Company – a store that sold general merchandise, gas, Deering farm equipment, Model T Fords, and wholesale farm produce

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