Kleinert Homestead

Designated: February 24, 2014
Location: Franktown
Current Owner:   State of Colorado, Department of Natural Resources
Nominated By: Melanie Tafaro and Anita Gilman

Historic Significance

In 1887 Paul Kleinert filed a homestead patent that was comprised of 160 acres of land.  He built a log cabin and made other ranching-related improvements.  Through time his financial standing improved.    He married and raised a family, and while tending his cattle and other ranching duties he also kept a close eye on the Castlewood Canyon dam, which was completed in 1890.  Mr. Kleinert voiced concern about the dam’s stability. His future son-in-law, William Heim, was the dam’s caretaker.  William married Paul’s daughter Theresa in 1909.  After her father’s death  in 1949, Theresa became co-owner of the Kleinert Ranch with her brother, Paul.    The Castlewood Canyon Dam collapsed in 1933, wreaking havoc all the way through Denver.  It was just east of the homestead.

Many stagecoach roads were located in the eastern portion of the County since the county seat was in Frankstown. Castlewood Canyon Road, originally a toll road, delineates the eastern edge of the property. In 1888 Mr. Kleinert requested County approval for a private road from his property to junction with the toll road.

Geologic processes created the Castle Rock conglomerate formation, leaving behind an outcrop with a wet cave.  The Kleinert’s would use the water in the cave to irrigate the hay fields and other crops.

Castlewood Canyon Dam Kleinhart ca 1893 Hincke CattleCstlwddam-Kleinerts Kleinhart 1894 Hincke Cave of the Swallows CstlwdCnyndam