Louviers Village Club

Designated: April 15, 2008
Location: Louviers
Current Owner: Douglas County Board of County Commissioners
Nominated by: Joyce Rovetta

Historic Significance

The Louviers Village Club was approved for the National Register of Historic Places in September 1995.  In July 1999, Louviers Village was designated as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Club was a contributing structure on this nomination.

The Club was constructed in the Craftsman style.  It was unusual to find in rural Douglas County this level of architectural sophistication.  When complete, the Club was the largest building of its kind in the County.

The DuPont Company built the Louviers Village Club to bring employees together for entertainment and recreation.  Upon its opening, the Club housed an assembly hall and a billiards room on its main floor.  The assembly hall was used for a meeting room, dance hall, and moving picture theater.  A bowling alley was adjacent to the main building.  DuPont sponsored the bowling league.

The uses of the building changed over the years.  For example, at various times it housed a mercantile store, post office, shooting range, reading room, barbershop and concession stand.  With partial funding from a State Historical Fund grant, the County restored the Club between 2001 and 2007.

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