Manhart House

Designated: November 18, 2014
Location: Sedalia
Current Owner:   Matthew Bundy
Nominated By: Annette Grey

Historic Significance

George Washington Manhart established a successful mercantile business in the Town of Sedalia in March 1878, where it grew from a one-room cabin to a two-story, 1,800 square-foot, rhyolite-constructed building by 1889.  George Manhart was a successful businessman, who served as postmaster and president of the Sedalia school board.  The Manhart House is nominated based on its association with persons significant in history. The house represents George’s successful mercantile business, and served as the family’s residence from the time it was built in 1909, until George’s decedents sold it in 1973.

The current Manhart House was built in 1909 by Benjamin Taylor Saunders, Sr., who also built the Cherokee Ranch Castle.  The house has no distinct architectural style; however, it does have elements of the Queen Anne style, which includes broad porches, fine brickwork, and a central triangular pediment set against a hipped roof. The house is a front gable masonry building facing south on a concrete foundation with an asphalt shingle roof and arched eaves.  There is a dormer on the west elevation above a three-sided bay window.  The porch has a shallow gable roof with non-historic round, painted, steel columns.  Today, this house operates as a popular restaurant.

First Manhart House and Store First Manhart House People Posing Possibly Relatives Manhart House early 1900s Manhart House with Family Manhart House and Store cira early 1900s Manhart Store 1890s Log Manhart Store 1900 circa Manhart Store with Addition