Rock Ridge Ranch

Designated: December 12, 2000
State Register: November 9, 1994
Location: Cherry Valley
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Janet and Charles Herman

Historic Significance

This land was part of a larger homestead, filed in 1874 by Peter DuMont.  The Case family subsequently acquired the land, also establishing the Case Creamery, cheese factory, school, cemetery, and post office.  The Hilyen family owned the land from 1900 to 1970, and grew crops and raised milking shorthorns.  The ranch came to be known as Rock Ridge, for the prominent rock-strewn ridgeline located east of the ranch house complex.

The original ranch house was constructed c.1876 and has had numerous additions made to it over time.  The barn was built c.1874 of hand hewn/pegged pine, from lumber milled in the Russellville area.  It was also added to over time.  Other structures include a milkhouse constructed in 1880 of native rhyolite, and an outhouse built by the Civilian Conservation Corp c.1930s.  The ranch was located on the Old Post Road (1874), which linked ranch residents to Golddale, Franktown, and other communities.  Artifacts have been found on the property, dating from 200 to 8000 years ago.

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