Russellville Ranch

Designated: February 3, 2004
Location: Franktown
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Norma Miller, Ruth Bandy, Matthew Lawrence and Katherine Lawrence

Historic Significance

This area of Russellville was associated with the trail system used by travelers in the 1830s, later known as the Cherokee Trail.  The Cherokee Trail extended from Taos to Ft. Laramie.  In 1858, the William Green Russell party found small amounts of flour gold, which contributed to the 1859 gold rush to Colorado Territory.  In 1861, Russellville became the earliest community in what would become Douglas County.  The buildings on the ranch that contribute to the historical significance of the property include the c.1861 stage barn, the icehouse (which retains its original rhyolite foundation), the c.1859 springhouse, and the 1930 dairy barn/stable.  Rubble from the original hotel also remains on the ranch.

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