Twin Creek Ranch

Designated: February 9, 1999
Location: Castle Rock
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Cecilia Gryde

Historic Significance

Frederick and Charles Doepke came from Austria and homesteaded the Twin Creek Ranch in 1861.  Because this was fertile farmland with an ample supply of water, they soon prospered and added extensive amounts of land to their holdings.  They soon acquired dairy cattle and operated a successful dairy, which continued to produce milk, cream, and butter into the 1950s.  The Doepkes also grew wheat, oats, corn, and hay.  The Doepke household became known for its social events and as a gathering spot for the German community of Lake Gulch.  Frederick Doepke became a leader in the County and was instrumental in establishing the first school board.

The two-story brick farmhouse was constructed in 1881.  The bricks were hand made by Frederick and Charles from the clay and sand deposits found on the ranch.  The basement walls and foundation are constructed of native rhyolite stone.

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