YMCA Camp Shady Brook

Designated: January 6, 2009

Historic Significance

Robert and Elizabeth Bandhauer, with their seven children, moved to the property around 1893 or 1894.  They first built a small cabin, barn, spring house, and ice house.  Later they constructed the main ranch house.  The Bandhauers made their living by running cattle on forest land.  Around 1900, after building several guest cabins, the Bandhauers opened their place as a resort and began advertising the property as Shady Brook Farm.  They later built a dance hall where many community activities took place.  A portion of the property was sold in 1917 to the Days, who continued to operate it as a guest ranch.  It was then sold to the YMCA in 1948 and the camp was made coed in 1968.

Robert Bandhauer and his son built the original structures on Shady Brook Farm.  He was a skilled blacksmith, and crafted the ironwork in the old Tabor Grand Opera House and the old Denver City Hall at 14th and Larimer, which was torn down in 1945.  He held multiple patents, including the screw clamp for ice, roller skates and the meat hook still used in packing plants.

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