Fair Board of Directors

Number of Members: Twenty-two Maximum
Term Length: Four Years
Appointment Process: County-wide
Description: The Douglas County Fair Board is responsible for overseeing the annual Douglas County Fair & Rodeo.  This volunteer group manages and organizes several functions necessary to continue this historical event such as Marketing, Sponsorships, 4-H Support, Livestock and Horse Shows, Entertainment and Rodeos.
Staff contact: Luanne Lee 720.733.6900
Regular Members Term Expires
Craig Sloan October 2016
Dr. Phil Riesselman October 2016
Scott Candelaria October 2016
Lara Talbert October 2016
John Adams October 2017
Monty Anderson October 2017
William Brown October 2017
John Carson October 2017
Roger Evans October 2017
John Anderson October 2018
Wesley Jacobs October 2018
Scott McHenry October 2018
Skip Serrell October 2018
Pam Spradlin October 2018
Debbie Mills October 2018
Gary Debus October 2015
Arlie Gordon October 2015
Jack Orr October 2015
Todd Spencer October 2015
Shawn McWhorter October 2015
James Sullivan Honorary Member
Tony Spurlock Standing Member for Term of Office
Roger Partridge, BCC Chair Standing Member, Chair will represent BOCC, Chair rotates annually

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If you have questions about a particular board, committee or commission, please contact the staff person listed or you may also call the Commissioners’ Office at 303.660.7401.

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