Library District Board of Trustees

Number of Members: Seven
Term Length: Three Years
Appointment Process: County-wide by two commissioners; ratified by a majority vote
Description: Set public policy and provide general oversight of library finances; hire and fire the library director; supervise and have custody of all library property; have exclusive control over a budget; may authorize an election to alter the maximum tax levied to support the library; may issue bonds approved by the public. Three members also serve on the Douglas County Public Library Foundation, a not-for-profit organization for the sole purpose of supporting the library.
Staff contact: Bob Pasicznyuk 303.688.7656
Members Term Expires
Janiece Murphy January 2017
C. Robert Morris January 2017
Bob McLaughlin January 2016
Demetria Heath January 2016
Mark Weston January 2016
Barbara Dash January 2015
John Beckwith January 2017

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If you have questions about a particular board, committee or commission, please contact the staff person listed or you may also call the Commissioners’ Office at 303.660.7401.

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