Placement Alternatives Commission

Number of Members: Unlimited
Term Length: One Year
Appointment Process: County-wide
Description: The Commission’s goal shall be to prevent imminent placement of children out of the home, and to reunite children who have been placed out of the home with their families. The Douglas County Placement Alternatives Commission also serves as the Douglas County Community Review Board, which prior to placement of a child in a residential community placement, shall review the case file of the child and make a decision regarding residential community placement taking into consideration the results of the objective risk assessment by the department of human services; the needs of the child; and the criteria established based on the interests of the community.
Meets: Third Friday of the month (as needed).
Staff contact: Perry Boydstun 303.688.4825 ext 5388
Members Term Expires
Laurie Elliot January 2014
Daniel Makelky January 2014
Lt, Kevin Duffy January 2014
Betty Meyer January 2014
Ann Milam January 2014
Loren Unrun January 2014
Paula Allderdice January 2014
Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins January 2014
Joe Barela January 2014
Shelly Sack January 2014
Beth Miller January 2014
Pamela Wakefield January 2014
Marsha Alston January 2014
Vacant January 2014

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