Weed Advisory Commission

Number of Members: Seven
Term Length: Three years
Appointment Process: County-wide
Description: State Mandated: HB 90-1175. Recommend policies and programs related to management of undesirable plants within the broader framework of a long-term resource management goal for the County; to encourage research, understanding, and education regarding noxious weeds; to assist the Board of County Commissioners in assessing the extent of noxious weeds existing in Douglas County, and to collaborate with the municipalities, government agencies, other county weed boards and weed control officers in the furtherance of noxious weed management. **Four members by statute have more than 40 acres.
Staff contact: Jonathan Rife 303.660.7476
Members Term Expires
John Lawrence January 2016
Lee LaPerriere January 2016
Edward Statter January 2016
John Bell January 2015
Elaine Mueller January 2015
Ghislaine (Gillen) Griswold January 2015
Susan Engle January 2015

Related Information

  • Noxious Weed Information

    Douglas County utilizes integrated weed management techniques to combat noxious weeds. These techniques include biological control, hand pulling, revegetation to include use of competing grass seed mixes and herbicides. The County program places strong emphasis on education. As part of our ongoing effort, the County provides informational flyers detailing biology and control measures for many of the noxious weeds on the undesirable plant management plan.

If you have questions about a particular board, committee or commission, please contact the staff person listed or you may also call the Commissioners’ Office at 303.660.7401.

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