About DC Transit Solutions


The mission of Douglas County Transit Solutions (DCTS) is to collaboratively develop resources to meet the mobility needs in Douglas County.


Douglas County Transit Solutions (DCTS) began meeting informally in 2001 to discuss and determine how it could address the transportation needs of low- to moderate-income residents in Douglas County. The committee is made up of jurisdictional representatives, community based organizations, and service providers from the County. In late 2007, DCTS received a grant to conduct a transportation study which resulted in the Coordinated Transportation Plan. The Plan established the need for a coordinated transportation system in the county. Since that time, DCTS has been meeting to use the information in the Plan to embark on a process to establish a Local Coordinating Council (LCC) that would reduce redundancy, and improve efficiency and mobility countywide.

In March 2008, Douglas County held a Human Needs Summit where service providers reiterated that transportation service is the number one need for the at-risk population. DCTS has taken up the challenge to address this need by working to implement inter-community transportation for residents who are elderly, disabled, and financially challenged.

DCTS Business Plan

The Business Plan identified how to develop transit services to meet the transit needs of the at-risk population. These services would improve mobility and assist the County in achieving policy goals for self-sufficiency and establishing a multi-modal transportation network that supports a sustainable economy.

To further this goal of providing transit, Douglas County staff successfully applied for a grant from CDOT to hire a Mobility Manager. The Mobility Manager will continue to build the foundation for a LCC, which includes solidifying partnerships, coordinating with existing service providers, and exploring funding opportunities.

Next Steps

In March of 2011, Douglas County hired a Mobility Manager to provide guidance and full-time administrative support for DCTS.  Current projects that the Mobility Manager and DCTS are working on include:

  1. Conducting a transit needs assessment;
  2. Establishing a Local Coordinating Council (LCC) which is anticipated to be formed in the first quarter of 2012; and
  3. Planning Partners in Motion, a DCTS event for February 2, 2012 that will build on the Human Needs Summit and feature dialogue about solutions to provide transportation that meets the needs of our residents and includes a signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding to establish Douglas County’s LCC; and
  4. Planning to implement a grant funded program called “DCTS Rides” which will augment existing services provided to persons with disabilities, enable low-income persons to access employment opportunities, and establish a call referral center that will allow clients to be connected to the transit service that best meets their needs..