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Douglas County is experiencing the nation’s most dramatic percentage of population growth in adults aged 60 and older.  According to the State Demography Office, by 2030 it is estimated that one in four residents of Douglas County will be age 60 or older – approximately 24% of the County’s population.  To plan for this population shift and their needs, The Partnership of Douglas County Governments established a Senior Initiative.

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  • Senior Initiative Report Summary

    During 2013, projects of the Committee included a review of existing services and resources, a provider survey, a senior citizen survey and 13 listening tours held throughout the county. Eighty-five senior service providers were sent the survey with 68 responding. The survey was designed to map the connectivity of providers with their consumer and with other providers. In other words how well they communicate with seniors and how well they partner with other senior serving providers. Additionally, a citizen survey was conducted both online and in print to gather data from seniors, their caregivers and those planning to retire in Douglas County.

    The results of the two surveys and listening tour were analyzed by a consultant from the University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs with input and insights provided by the Committee. This led to the development of four recommendations and next steps by the PDCG Senior Advisory Committee.

  • Summary on the Douglas County Senior Initiative – June 2013

    In early 2012, the Partnership of Douglas County Governments (PDCG) established the Senior Initiative to focus on the impact that changing demographics - principally the growth in the County’s population aged 60 and older - will have on the communities and constituents served by Partnership members. To develop the Initiative, an advisory committee was formed with representatives from each Partnership member.

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