Bayou Gulch Regional Park, Open Space and Trail

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Bayou Gulch Regional Park and Open Space provide hiking and equestrian trails, picnic areas, ballfields, and a bicycle skills course.

Bayou Gulch also rovides 2+ acres of dog off-leash fun for man’s best friend on the east side of Fox Sparrow Road. The dog park area is adjacent to 2.5 miles of soft surface trails that require dogs to be on-leash as a courtesy to other trail users and wildlife.

Hours: open sunrise to sunset

Location:  Bayou Gulch Road and Fox Sparrow Road in Parker


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Size: Bayou Gulch Regional Park is 205 acres

Active Area – 4815 Fox Sparrow Road, Parker, CO

  • Playground
  • 1.48 miles of concrete trails
  • Synthetic ballfield (baseball, softball, football, soccer)
  • Synthetic multi-use field
  • Basketball court
  • 2 picnic shelters: one seats 64 and one seats 48
  • Drinking fountain
  • Portable restrooms
  • Parking for 207 cars

Passive Area –  (North of Bayou Gulch Road) 4728 Fox Sparrow Road, Parker, CO

  • 4.68 miles of soft-surface trails
  • 2-acre dog off-leash area
  • Mountain Bike Skills Course
  • Picnic shelter: seats 32
  • Drinking fountain
  • Portable restroom
  • Parking for 24 cars
  • Parking for 3 horse trailers, no hitch rails, asphalt surface parking lot

Bayou Gulch Open Space and Connector Trail:  A  4-mile soft-surface trail on the 276-acre Bayou Gulch Open Space, south of Bayou Gulch Road, it is open to the public for non-motorized use. Parking is available at Bayou Gulch Regional Park. A connection to the trail is on the west side of Bayou Gulch Regional Park, and crosses Bayou Gulch Road at a cross-walk with a self-activated light to stop traffic. The trail around the edge of the open space is open to pedestrians and equestrians only.

The connector that runs west under highway 83 to the Cherry Creek Regional Trail is open to pedestrians, equestrians, and bicyclists. The peripheral trail may be closed from time to time to accommodate equestrian events of the Colorado Horse Park; the connector trail will remain open at all times.

The horse jumps and the pathways leading to the jumps are the private property of the Colorado Horse Park and are not open to the public. Questions about the Bayou Gulch Open Space and the new trail may be referred to the Division of Open Space and Natural Resources at 303-660-7495.