Coordinating Entities

Coordinating an Election in Douglas County

Municipalities, districts, and other governmental entities can coordinate with the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder to place issues on the ballot during certain elections. Each election is subject to a set of deadlines specific to the date and type of election. Entities interested in coordinating with Douglas County should contact the Elections Office as early as possible.

Requirements for Coordinating

Entities interested in coordinating need to meet the following requirements before coordinating on the ballot:

  • Meet deadlines related to notification of coordination
  • Sign an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) regarding the terms and conditions of coordinating

Election Services

The Douglas County Clerk and Recorder can provide the voter, precinct, and district information to entities conducting their own election.

In addition, Douglas County can conduct an election on another entity’s behalf upon their request. Certain terms, conditions, and fees may apply.