Sales Tax Rates

Instructions for On-line Parcel Verification of Taxing Entities for Sales Taxes 

The following are the various sales taxes rates that are in effect in Douglas County as of July 1, 2016.

The Town of Castle Rock and the Town of Larkspur were specifically excluded from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) expansion. Please contact the Colorado Dept. of Revenue directly if you have any questions at 303.238.7378.

This is only a partial list of major subdivisions located in Douglas County, and is for informational purposes only. Due to ongoing annexations, the information listed above regarding unincorporated subdivision may become outdated.

For additional information on sales tax, you may call Helen Kellogg, Sales Tax Specialist, at 303.660.7340.

If you are located within any of the municipalities within Douglas County, please contact them directly for your sales tax questions their numbers are listed below.

Combined Sales Tax Rates For Douglas County

Unincorporated SCFD only, NON-RTD 4.00%
Unincorporated RTD/SCFD Only 5.00%
Unincorporated, RTD/SCFD within LINCOLN STATION L.I.D. 5.50%
City of Aurora 8.75%
City of Castle Pines 6.75%
Town of Castle Rock (Portions are NOT within SCFD) 7.90%
Town of Larkspur 7.90%
City of Littleton 8.00%
City of Lone Tree (All) (Original and Annexed) 6.8125%
Lone Tree, City of Public Improvement District (Rampart Range) 8.0625%
Town of Parker (Area NOT within RTD) 7.00%
Town of Parker  8.00%

Individual Sales Tax Rate Breakdown

State of Colorado – 303.238.7378 – Taxpayer Services 2.90%
Douglas County – 303.660.7340 – Helen Kellogg 1.00%
City of Aurora – 303.739.7567 – Scott Williams 3.75%
City of Castle Pines – 303.705.0200 – Jan Ferrell 2.75%
Town of Castle Rock  – 303.660.1397 – Jane Chrestensen 4.00%
Town of Larkspur – 303.681.2324 – Town Clerk 4.00%
Lincoln Station L.I.D. – 303.660.7340 – Helen Kellogg 0.50%
City of Littleton – 303.795.3956 – Leann Battin 3.00%
City of Lone Tree- 303.708.1818 – Gita Listiadji 1.8125%
Town of Parker – 303.841.0353 – Brandy Zink 3.00%
Rampart Range Public Improve Fee – 303.779.5710 – Denise Denslow 1.25%
RTD Regional Transportation District – 303.299.6000 1.00%
SCFD – Scientific and Cultural Facilities District 0.10%