Low Income Energy Assistance (LEAP)

LEAP runs from November 1 through April 30 of every year.  The Douglas County program is administered through a partnership with Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado.

LEAP is a mail-in only program.  Do not bring your application to the Castle Rock Human Services building – this will slow down processing your application.  After you apply, do not ignore your heating bill.  If you are approved, LEAP will not pay your entire heating bill.  Continue to pay something on your heating bill to avoid disruption of service.  It may take 50 days to process your application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You pay home heating costs to an energy provider, fuel dealer or as part of rent.
  • You are a permanent legal resident of the United States and Colorado, or have household members that are U.S. citizens.
  • You can provide proof of lawful presence in the U.S.  Some of the most common types are listed below.  If you have questions about documentation that may be acceptable, please email LEAPHELP@discovermygoodwill.org
    • Colorado driver’s license or Colorado identification card
    • United States military card or military dependent card, or United States merchant mariner card
    • Native American tribal document
    • Any other document authorized by the Department of Revenue 
  • Your maximum family household income falls within the guidelines in the chart below. (“Household” refers to those who live in the residence and are financially dependent.)
Household Size
Maximum Gross Monthly Income
Effective November 1, 2014

(150% of poverty)
1 $ 1,459
2 $ 1,967
3 $ 2,474
4 $ 2,982
5 $ 3,489
6 $ 3,997
7 $ 4,504
8 $ 5,012
Each additional person $ 508


How do I get an application?  

Starting November 1st, you may download an application from the  Colorado Department of Human Services or  Discover Goodwill

People who were approved last year should receive a new application in the mail.  If you receive an application in the mail, please complete that application and return it in the postage paid envelope provided.

How do I return my LEAP application?

If you are provided a postage paid envelope, please use that.  If you do not have one, please send your application and the required documentation to:

Make sure you answered all the questions.  Be sure that you sign the Affidavit on page 3.  Only select one of the three options.  Sign the application on page 4.   The application cannot be processed if it is not complete, and an incomplete application will slow down processing time.

Will participation in other Government programs affect the LEAP application?

No other government programs will be limited or terminated because you receive LEAP.  This includes Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Food Assistance, Colorado Works (TANF), Old Age Pension, or Aid to the Needy Disabled.

Can I get help every month?

LEAP is only available from November 1 through April 30 each year.  If you are approved, you may receive one or two separate payments and they will not cover your entire heating expense.  You have to reapply each year even if you were approved last year.

What about emergencies?

An emergency is defined as:

  • —  You received a disconnect notice
  • —  Your propane is low (below 20%) or out
  • —  Your services have been disconnected

Emergency applications and all documentation can be faxed to (719) 633-9098 or emailed to LEAPHEALP@discovermygoodwill.org.  If your application is an emergency, it will be processed in 14 days.

What other help is available?

  • If you have additional heating related costs or expenses, contact Energy Outreach Colorado at www.energyoutreach.org. They may be able to help you with repairing or replacing your furnace, for example.
  • You can also email LEAPHELP@discovermygoodwill.org to find out what other assistance they may be able to provide.
  • You can also contact the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation to learn more about the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate.  You must have had property tax, rent or heating expenses to claim a rebate for these amounts.   It provides a rebate of property taxes and heating expenses, whether paid directly or as a part of rent payments, to low-income elderly and disabled individuals who reside in Colorado. To claim a property tax/rent/heat credit, you must meet all of the following eligibility requirements each time you apply:
    • You (either husband or wife) are 65 or older as of Dec. 31 of the year for which you are applying, or
    • You are a surviving spouse at least 58 years of age as of Dec. 31 of the year for which you are applying, or
    • You (either husband or wife) were disabled, regardless of age, during the entire year.
    • You resided in Colorado during the entire taxable year for which the claim is filed. (Both husband and wife must be full-year residents.)
    • You are lawfully present in the United States.
    • You were not claimed as a dependent on any other person’s federal income tax return.
    • You meet one of the following two income limitations:
      • If single: Your total income for the calendar year did not exceed $12,481.
      • If married: Your combined incomes for the calendar year did not exceed $16,476.



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