Low Income Energy Assistance (LEAP)

LEAP runs November 1st through April 30th of every year.

The Douglas County Low-income Energy Assistance Program is administered by Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado.

LEAP is a mail-in program only. DO NOT bring LEAP applications to the Human Services building in Castle Rock, as this will delay the processing of the application. Continue to pay your heat bill, as LEAP assistance will not pay your entire bill. Simply filling out this application does not mean that you can ignore your current bills and notices. Processing LEAP applications takes time, therefore keep heating accounts current by making a payment towards the heat bill on time to avoid disruption of service. If a shut off notice is received, heating service has been disconnected, or you have questions about your application, please contact the LEAP Call Center at 1-888-775-5327.

LEAP Eligibility Requirements

Qualifications for LEAP are:

  • Payment is made for home heating costs to an energy provider, fuel dealer (propane, natural gas or wood), or as part of monthly rent
  • Permanent legal resident of the Unites States and Colorado or household members that are U.S. citizens
  • Provide proof of lawful presence in the U.S. (acceptable identifications are listed below):
    • Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado Identification Card
    • United States military card or Military Dependent Card
    • United States Merchant Mariner card
    • Native American Tribal document
    • Any other document authorized by rules adopted by the Department of Revenue (DOR).
  • Maximum family household income falls with the guidelines provided below. “Household” means people who live with you and for whom you are financially responsible.
Household Size
Maximum Gross Monthly Income
Effective November 1, 2013

(150% of poverty)
1 $ 1,436
2 $ 1,939
3 $ 2,441
4 $ 2,944
5 $ 3,446
6 $ 3,949
7 $ 4,451
8 $ 4,954
Each additional person $ 503

Verification of Lawful Presence

State law requires applicants to provide additional documents with each LEAP application. A readable copy of one of the following valid identifications must be provided:

  • Colorado Driver License; or, a Colorado Identification Card; or
  • United States military card or, military dependant’s card; or
  • United States Merchant Mariner card; or
  • Native American Tribal document.
  • Any other document authorized by rules adopted by the Department of Revenue (DOR).

Review Your Application Before you Turn It In

Make sure you have answered all questions and have attached all the requested information. If the application is not complete, it cannot be processed.

  • answered all questions in all sections on my application.
  • enclosed a readable copy of the applicant’s valid (photo) identification.
  • included social security numbers and birth dates for ALL household members.
  • completed and signed the affidavit.
  • attached proof (copies of pay stubs, award letters, loans, etc.) for all income received by my household last month.
  • attached a copy of most recent heating (not lighting) bill showing company name, address, and account numbers.
  • attached a copy of most recent rent receipt (if heating costs are included in rent). The rent receipt must clearly show heat is included.
  • attached receipts for all expenses claimed on profit and loss statement for self-employment income.
  • signed the application.

The applicant for LEAP must also complete, sign and date the affidavit located on page 3 of the application. Please check ONLY one of the choices. For more information go to Department of Revenue.

How do I get an application?

Starting November 1, you may download an application from one of these sites:


  • Colorado Department of Human Services – Energy Assistance

    The Colorado LEAP program is a federally funded state-supervised, county-administered system and is designed to assist with your winter heating costs. The LEAP Program eligibility period runs from November 1st through April 30th.

  • Discover Goodwill – LEAP

    Through a partnership with the El Paso County Department of Human Services, Goodwill administers the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, or LEAP, which provides home heating assistance to eligible, low-income residents who pay monthly utilities directly to an energy provider or through rent payments.

How do I return my LEAP application?

Return your completed application in the addressed and stamped envelope provided; or

Will participation in other Government programs affect the LEAP application?

No other government programs will be cut or limited due to participation in LEAP. This includes Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Colorado Works/TANF, food stamps, Old Age Pension (OAP), Aid to Needy Disabled and Aid to the Blind.

Can I get LEAP benefits every month?

You Can Receive Only One LEAP Benefit Per Heat Season

The heat season runs from November 1st through April 30th. Although your LEAP assistance may be split into two (2) separate payments, any benefit you receive during a heat season will be the only one for that season – plan accordingly.

Additional LEAP Assistance

Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate Program

This program is through the Colorado Department of Revenue. You may qualify if you are:

  • A Colorado full year resident
  • 65 years old, or a surviving spouse at least 58 years old, or disabled AND
  • Single with income below $12,102 per year OR
  • Married with income below $15,864 per year.

For more information call the Colorado Department of Revenue at 303.238.7378, press 2, then 1 or to check the status of your application call 303.238.3278, press 3 and provide your social security number (ssn).

What other help is available?

If you are eligible for LEAP, you may also qualify for other help with your main heat source if it is not working.  To find out more, contact the Crisis Information Line at 855-4-HEAT (1-855-469-4328) between 9 a.m and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays).

For more information LEAP, please call 1-888-HEAT HELP (1-866-432-8435) or visit Colorado Department of Human Services.

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