Proposed Amendments to Zoning Resolution

A Public Workshop will be held Monday, November 14 at 4 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, 100 Third Street, in Castle Rock.

Synopsis of Proposed Amendments:

The changes are proposed in an attempt to provide a more clear water review process, reduce ambiguity during the land use review process, and encourage use of renewable water.

First, is an overall re-write of DCZR Section 18A, including the following:

  • Consolidation of Approval Standards into one section.
  • Merging of information and requirements into a Water Supply Zones, Boundaries, and Source Standards section.
  • Simplifying the Water Documentation Standards section by creating a Water Supply Report definition in Section 1810A.
  • Creation of two sections for Water Supply Documentation Standards based on “District” and “Non-District” entities.
  • Providing flexibility through the entire development process by eliminating certain documentation standards at the time of rezoning.

Second, is a newly proposed DCZR Section 18B that encourages the use of renewable or conjunctive use water supplies for new development and includes a process to propose a lower water demand standard based upon further submittal requirements.


The proposed revisions are available for public comment until November 23, 2016.  Information about the project may be found at Project Records Online (PRO) and entering the project file number, DR2016-011, in the search tool.

Once comments have been received, a work session will be scheduled with the Board of County Commissioners to review the comments.