Motorsports – Zoning regulations for motorsport uses on rural properties

Updated April 26, 2016

On August 9, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners (Board) heard proposed regulations addressing accessory motorsports activities and voted not to create a new permitting process for accessory motorsports uses.  By this action, accessory motorsports tracks will not be allowed in the County’s residential and agricultural zone districts. The Board adopted Resolution #R-016-078 to reflect this decision.

As part of the August 9 action, the Board revised its definition of “Motorsports” to include a specific exclusion for “the occasional, incidental operation of Motorsports Vehicles on private property that does not result in the establishment of a track”.  This exclusion will allow for a level of motorsports vehicle use – commonly referred to as “tooling around” – on any sized residential or agricultural property without additional regulation.  The definition of “Motorsports” continues to acknowledge that the use of motorsports vehicles for agricultural and property maintenance purposes is allowed.

Early this year (April 26, 2016), the Board adopted regulations addressing motorsport tracks on parcels of 35-acres or larger in size.  “Private Motorsport Facilities” on parcels 35-acres or greater in size will be considered through the Use by Special Review process only.  This element of the regulations remains unchanged.