County Line Road / I-25 Operational Improvements

As part of the 2016 Adopted Budget, the County allocated $3 Million to advance the design and construction of improvements to the segment of County Line Road between the Chester and Inverness Parkway intersections.  The improvements are estimated to cost between $7 and $8 Million.

In the fall 2014 Douglas County Engineering initiated a study to evaluate alternatives that would improve both immediate and long term safety and traffic operations for the segment of County Line Road between Chester Street on the west and Inverness Parkway intersections on the east.  The current study is being partially funded by Arapahoe County, Douglas County, City of Centennial, City of Lone Tree, and the Southeast Partnership Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD).

The results of the traffic study identified the need to make operational improvements that will help reduce congestion at the I-25 Interchange and the adjacent intersections east and west of I-25.  It is anticipated that the proposed improvements will include modifications to existing I-25 ramps that are located in CDOT right-of-way, modifying Park Meadows Center Drive and the PF Chang’s intersection / mall entrance; and fully reconstruct County Line Road / Inverness Parkway closely space intersections that currently operate at a poor level of service (see enclosed conceptual layouts).

The study predicts that without significant improvements the traffic operations will worsen in future years, especially with continued economic growth in the area.  Because the proposed improvements will benefit a number of stakeholders, this project has the potential for many financial partners that may likely include: Lone Tree, Centennial, Arapahoe County, Inverness Metro Improvement District, Park Meadows Metro District and Denver South TMA / SPIMD.