How much do you pay for County services?

Tax Calculator

The Douglas County Tax Calculator was created as part of the Board of County Commissioners’ 2011 Taxpayer Right-to-Know Initiative, furthering the Board of County Commissioners’ accountability to the citizens and taxpayers of Douglas County regarding the County’s allocation of the public’s money.  This tool will calculate an individual property’s proportionate cost of more than 25 different services provided by Douglas County, including road maintenance, law enforcement, elections, human services, parks and trails and snow removal.  The methodology and the formulas that allow for this individualized cost allocation by property are based on the 2016 budget.

Property Tax Collection and Distribution

The Douglas County Treasurer bills and collects all property taxes from property owners for all local governments and special districts (schools, libraries, fire, water and metro districts) in Douglas County.  Collected taxes are then distributed to these taxing authorities (all taxing authorities are listed on your statement).