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Property Tax Collection and Distribution

The Douglas County Treasurer collects all property taxes on behalf of all local governments/special districts in Douglas County. This includes all fire, water and sanitation districts, school district, library district and metro districts for example. Collected taxes are then apportioned and distributed by the Treasurer to the various taxing authorities (authorities in your district are listed on your statement). Use the Property Tax Inquiry Application below and to the right to locate your property tax statement, including specific tax details and to begin the first step in learning more about how your property taxes are proportionately allocated among 26 County services categories.

How were the allocations determined?

Douglas County’s budget, unlike a City or a Town budget, is primarily funded by property taxes. This tax calculator applies to property taxes only. The methodology and the formulas that allow for this individualized cost allocation by property are based on the 2015 budget expenditures by Office and Department. Any funding received by an Office or Department, other than property tax revenue, will off-set the property taxes allocated to that specific Office or Department in the calculator. As an example, any Office or Department receiving fees that meet or exceed their cost of operations will not receive a property tax allocation in this calculator.


Calculate your personalized County Government tax analysis as follows:

You can find your tax statement by searching via one of the entries in the Property Tax Inquiry Application.

After entering your information, the Property Tax Inquiry will respond with a list of properties. Find your property, then in the Action column select your Property Account Number. This will open the Property Tax Inquiry page.

Click on the Tax Districts tab. You will see a list of taxing districts. The first line should be DOUGLAS COUNTY GOVERNMENT. Under the column REGULAR TAX is a dollar figure. Copy that dollar figure and enter in the top box of the Douglas County Tax Calculator below. The next tax amount to enter is DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES. Copy that dollar figure and enter in the second box of the Calculator below. The third tax amount, LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY, will appear only for those whose property is in unincorporated Douglas County (not within a Town or City). Copy that dollar figure and enter in the third / bottom box of the Douglas County Tax Calculator below. If your Tax Districts do not include this tax line item, leave the third / bottom box blank.