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2020 Property Tax Notifications Arriving Soon

Do you know where the money goes? Visit the new "Your Douglas County Taxes" mapping application for details!

It’s that time of the year again and if you are a property owner in Douglas County, watch for the delivery of your 2020 property tax bill or tax notification in the mail beginning the week of Jan. 20.

As you review your property tax bill or tax notification, know that while you pay your taxes to the County Treasurer’s Office, the County Treasurer is tasked with distributing the funds to the various taxing authorities associated with an individual property.

“Where you live in the County determines which taxing authorities serve you, how much your property tax is, and ultimately where your property tax dollars are distributed by our Office,” said Dave Gill, Douglas County Treasurer. “Typically, less than half of the property tax you pay stays with County government,” Gill said.

New this year to help each taxpayer visually see where their property taxes are being distributed is the Your Douglas County Taxes mapping application, a map-based view of tax parcel information and taxing authorities receiving a tax distribution found at You can search by address or zoom in on the map to view individual parcel details about Douglas County properties.

“In addition to remaining out of debt and keeping taxes low, transparency and taxpayer accountability are our Board’s Guiding Principles. Our new online mapping tool demonstrates these commitments, allowing access to specific information about the various taxing districts in the County, including the cost of services delivery, by whom, and most importantly for what purpose,” said Abe Laydon, Douglas County Commissioner.

For even more details about the specifics of your property tax distribution, visit the Douglas County Assessor’s website, search for your property and then search for the list of tax authorities to whom your property taxes are distributed.

To view your parcel details, pay your taxes online, obtain property tax history and receipts for payments, as well as view and print your current year tax statement visit E-check payments are free of charge, convenient, credited immediately, secure, and a receipt is emailed directly to you.

Taxpayers have the option to pay taxes in one full installment by April 30 or in two installments with the first half due by the last day of February and the second half due by June 15.

Is your mailing address current?  If you are a property owner in Douglas County and have not received your property tax notification by mid-February, please email the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office at [email protected] or visit the Treasurer’s website.

The Treasurer’s Office provides convenient online resources such as: Guide to Paying Your Taxes, Guide to Your Tax Statement and Important Property Tax Payment Due Dates.

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