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About Us

It’s called About Us. But it’s really about you.

It’s about your health and well being. It’s about being able to get around on your streets and your roads. It’s about making sure your businesses thrive and your economy keeps growing. It’s about your kids and their safety. It’s about bridges and open space.

It’s about all the things you love about Douglas County. And even the things you might take for granted. The people who work for Douglas County play a key role in all of it.

They make sure your water is clean and your streets are cleared from ice and snow. They make sure that medical and mental health services are there when you need them. That the elderly are looked after and that the most vulnerable among us are protected. They’re involved in Animal Control,  Zoning and everything in between.

They do it in partnership with state, local and federal governments. They do it with a lot of help from non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, private businesses, and your neighbors.

And they do it for you.