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County Landmarking Process

The Douglas County Landmarks Program was created to foster the preservation of the unique historic and cultural heritage of Douglas County.  The goal of the program is to recognize sites that are of historical, cultural, or architectural significance and to encourage property owners to preserve the historic integrity of the structures and sites.  Beyond their historical value, these sites contribute to our area’s sense of identity and culture.  They provide an important educational resource for the people of the County and increase our quality of life.

Studies have shown that commercial activity and economic prosperity are enhanced through landmark designation programs.  In the face of the enormous population growth and rapid development experienced by the County in recent years, this program represents an essential tool for preserving our past.  Landmark designation by the County can also assist property owners in obtaining monetary grants for historic preservation through the State Historical Fund.  Landmarking a property can be a first step to qualify a property for tax credits.  The landmark program is voluntary and places no restrictions on a landmarked property.