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Sedalia School House

Designated: November 7, 2000
Location: Sedalia
Current Owner: Private Property
Nominated By: Tara Sakraida

Historic Significance

The Sedalia School House was built in 1891.  By 1912, the one-room schoolhouse was overflowing with students and an east wing was added to the existing structure.  The school was in use until 1951 when a new school was built for the community.

The school was built of rhyolite stone quarried in Castle Rock.  The building was enhanced by a steep gable roof, and a large gabled entry room of wood construction, coupled with a facade of plain and fishscale shingles above the center window and front door.  The 1912 addition included improvements such as gaslights, a stoker furnace and water pumped in for a drinking fountain.  Electricity was added in 1935.

The school still stands today and houses two apartments.

sedalia_school_1 sedalia_school_2 sedalia_school_3