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Vacant Land and Agricultural

CastleOaksCow_25-300x225The Douglas County Assessor’s Office has an ongoing confirmation program to correctly classify agricultural property. To initiate the three-year qualifying process for agricultural classification, download and complete the Agricultural Land Classification Questionnaire from the link below, and return it to our office along with documentation supporting the agricultural use of the land. A property must be used agriculturally for three consecutive years, and staff from the Assessor’s Office will conduct inspections throughout that time frame to determine actual use. If all qualifications have been met, the property will be reclassified as agricultural in the third year.  Please review the publications below for more information on the definition of agricultural land and the types of use that qualify as agricultural.  As of January 1, 2012, “residential land” also includes two acres or less of land on which a residential improvement is located and where the improvement is not integral to an agricultural operation conducted on the land.

Related Information

  • Forest Ag Classification 
    Link to Colorado State Forest Service and information on the Forest Ag Program including requirements to have forest lands receive similar tax classification as traditional agricultural lands.
  • How Agricultural Property is Valued in Colorado
    Brochure produced by the Colorado Division of Property Taxation explaining how agricultural properties are valued for tax purposes.

Additional Resources

  • Agricultural Land Classification Questionnaire 
    Agricultural land classification questionnaire to request agricultural classification. The information submitted is used by the assessor to make the decision whether the land qualifies as agricultural land within the meaning of Colorado statutes.