The Assessor’s Office Response to Covid-19

Is the Assessor’s Office open?

Assessor Staff are available, just as they have been throughout this crisis, to assist our citizens and business partners.  Our Public Assistance area is now open to walk-in meetings, and staff are also available during normal business hours by phone, email, and online chat.  If you would like to visit the Assessor’s Office in person, please come to the west door of the Wilcox Administration Building.  We are committed to providing world class customer service and ensure that all customer needs are met.

How has the pandemic affected my property value?

Colorado law specifies that 2020 real property values be based on sales and market data from the 18-month period ending June 30, 2018.  As a result, the Assessor does not have the ability to recognize effects on property values due to the current pandemic crisis.  County Assessors in the state recognize the impact the COVID 19 pandemic has had on the Colorado economy this year. The market and economic impact to property values due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be considered during the reappraisal conducted for 2021.  Unless changes to statute occur, 2021 Real Property assessments will be based on the Appraisal Date of June 30, 2020 and will include market data that is affected by the pandemic.