Douglas County Government offices closed Monday, July 4.  Visit for dozens of services offered online.   Enjoy the 4th of July but remember Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in place. 



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Open Data / Dougco Hub

Guidelines for Douglas County Open Data

Technology has changed both the way government conducts business and the public’s expectations about access to government information. Douglas County Government seeks to:

Proactively disclosing Open Data is consistent with laws regarding citizens’ rights to access public information such as the Colorado Open Records Act, the Open Meetings Law, and privacy laws and regulations.


Data is final versions of statistical or factual information that:

  1. are in alphanumeric form reflected in a list, table, graph, chart, or another non-narrative form, that can be digitally transmitted or processed;
  2. are regularly created or maintained by or on behalf of an entity and are controlled by such entity; and
  3. record a measurement, transaction, or determination related to the mission of the entity.

Open Data is any tabular data generated or received by the Douglas County Government including data contained in public records as defined by the federal and state laws governing the release of public information. Open Data does not include data that is designated as confidential pursuant to any provision of a federal or state law, rule or regulation or local ordinance or resolution.

Open Data Portal is the Dougco Hub where Douglas County Government tabular data will be published and made publicly available.

Privacy – The County will comply with federal and state law to protect the disclosure of information that is confidential, proprietary, or protected by law.

Open by Default – The County’s goal is to release Open Data to the Open Data Portal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cooperation –  Douglas County Government may partner with other governments to allow citizens ease of access to a broad spectrum of information. The County will not post any other government’s data without that government’s written consent.

Open Data Publication – Open Data sets will be subject to quality control and be updated on the Open Data Portal.

County Departments and offices of Elected Officials may develop internal guidelines for Open Data, including any or all of the following items:

No Restrictions on Public Access to Open Data – Open Data sets are available on the Open Data Portal without any registration requirement, license requirement or restrictions on their use provided that the County may require a third party to provide to the public any Open Data set, or application utilizing such Open Data set, to explicitly identify the source and version of the Open Data set, and a description of any modifications made to such Open Data set. Registration requirements, license requirements or restrictions as used in this section shall not include measures required to ensure access to Open Data sets, to protect the single website housing Open Data sets from unlawful abuse or attempts to damage or impair the use of the website, or to analyze the types of data being used to improve service delivery