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Douglas County Cares


Douglas County Cares (DC Cares) is a multi-agency collaborative that provides opportunities for vulnerable residents in Douglas County to achieve self-sufficiency through employment using a caring and supportive process.

DC Cares engages participants in a process that identifies the current conditions faced by the family or individual, assists the participants in defining their desired future and works together to overcome barriers to achieving their goals.

Typically, participants enrolled in DC Cares work with a facilitator for 9-12 months.  During this time, a framework of care and support is provided by a facilitator who works with each family.  A variety of assistance, services, and tools are made available to participants as they work to overcome barriers to achieving stability, capacity, capability and opportunity.  Success is measured by participants who successfully obtain and maintain self-sufficiency, employment, and housing.

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DC Cares Report 2016

DC Cares is funded through the generous contributions of our partner agencies and the Community Services Block Grant.  For more information on this grant program, please visit the Community Services Block Grant web page.

framework-of-careFramework of Care

Douglas County Cares utilizes a WrapAround framework to provide care and support to families and individuals enrolled in the program.

Facilitators work diligently with each person participating in Douglas County Cares to provide a caring environment that focuses on creating hope, building trust, identifying motivation, causing activation, continual repetition and achieving transformation.



Framework of Support

Douglas County Cares recognizes that transformation is best achieved by participants when certain conditions are in place. A framework of support has been created which helps ensure the stability of the family, increases the capacity of each individual and builds the capability of the participants. This allows the family to capitalize on the opportunities they encounter to become self-sufficient.  A unique set of tools, resources, and services are provided to support each family while working to achieve their identified goals.