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What happens when you report adult abuse

When making a report, please have as much of the following information ready to provide:

  • Adult’s name, address, current location, phone, and date of birth or approximate age
  • The circumstances that cause you to suspect that mistreatment or self-neglect are occurring
  • When appropriate, the suspected perpetrator’s name, address, and relationship to the adult
  • Additional information about the adult, if available, such as his or her doctor, caregiver, attorney, guardian, or other person of significance to the adult

It’s okay to make a report even if you are not able to answer all of the questions.

The identity of a person reporting concerns about an at-risk adult is confidential, he or she may remain anonymous when making a report.  However, it is very helpful if the reporting person provides some means by which the caseworker can re-contact him or her for additional information.  Getting additional information from the reporting person may help to provide a better outcome for the at-risk adult.

If the reporting person believes the person was at-risk and in danger and he or she made the report in good faith, there is no liability to the reporting person should the information provided turn out to be false or incomplete.