County hosting public workshop on proposed Zoning Resolution amendments regarding Electric Fence

Douglas County Zoning Resolution Sections 13 – Light Industrial (LI) and 14 – General Industrial (GI).

Warning sign on an electric fence on an industrial facility

Electric fences are currently allowed in the Agricultural-One, Large Rural Residential, Rural Residential, Sedalia Community, Sedalia Downtown, and Sedalia Mixed Industrial, mainly for containing animals.

A public workshop will be held on December 6, 2018 at 5 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, at 100 3rd Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 to present proposed amendments to the Douglas County Zoning Resolution sections 13 and 14.  The proposed DCZR amendment would allow electric fences for security purposes in the LI and GI Districts subject to the following standards:

  • A non-electric perimeter fence surrounding the exterior of an electric fence
  • Warning signs posted at intervals of 25 feet
  • Key box access for fire departments
  • A power source not exceeding 12 volts direct current

For more project information, visit Project Records Online, and enter project number DR2018-009 in the search tool or contact Jamie Hartig at or 303-660-7460 if you plan to attend the workshop.

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