County Launches 2040 Master Plan Update

Citizen input requested throughout the year-long process.

Have you ever thought about what Douglas County might look like in 20 years?

Not only does Douglas County think about it, they are planning for it with the launch of the County’s update to its Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP), the goal of which is to help shape a vision for unincorporated Douglas County, with input from the community.

The CMP serves as the foundation for future growth and development within the county.  It is intended to provide decision makers with guidance on how to maintain and improve identified community values. Updates are conducted to ensure the CMP reflects the changing needs and desires of the community.

The Planning Commission will launch the start of the CMP update at its Monday, Feb. 5 meeting which will include an overview of the current master plan and proposed schedule.

Douglas County residents are invited to attend numerous public meetings and workshops during March and April 2018. Citizens will be asked to provide input on master plan topics, such as rural communities, nonurban land use, and community services. Please visit for dates, times and locations of upcoming meetings and workshops.

Multiple opportunities for public participation will be available from now through early 2019, when the CMP is anticipated to be presented to the Planning Commission for adoption.

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