Douglas Heights

The original plans for this property involved a developer who wanted to divide it into 35-acre parcels and construct single family homes. Because of its highly visible location in the South I-25 Conservation Corridor, Douglas County and the Conservation Fund met with the developer to purchase the property. The Douglas Heights parcel was ultimately purchased with funding from Great Outdoors Colorado with assistance from The Conservation Fund.

The property is mainly a mixed grass prairie with an abundance of wildflowers. It was acquired largely because of its visibility from I-25. Douglas Heights shares its eastern border with the perpetually protected Christensen Ranch. Public access is now available on the Spruce Meadows Trail, which bisects this property and neighboring open space with an 8.5-mile natural surface trail.

Year Protected: 1998
Acre: 1,075
Land Category: Agricultural Open Space
Conservation Tool: Fee-Title/Conservation Easement held by Douglas County Land Conservancy
Cost: $2,200,000
Partners: Douglas County, Douglas County Land Conservancy and The Conservation Fund, Great Outdoor Colorado
Location: West of I-25, south of Larkspur in the South I-25 Conservation Corridor