Lamb Spring

Fossils were found in the area known as Lamb Spring as early as 1960, when property owner Charles Lamb tried to dig out a spring and instead found several huge bones. Since this time, the remains of mammoths, prehistoric bison, ground sloths, and llamas have been unearthed from this area. Archaeologists believe that the natural spring that once existed on this land allowed early humans the change to ambush animals that came here to drink. Crushed bones and a large rock found among fossil bones led archaeologists to believe that this was once a slaughter site. The Archaeological Conservancy purchased the 35-acre parcel in 1995 and future plans may include a museum near the excavation site.

Access to this important site is only through special arrangement.

Year protected: 1995
Acres: 35
Land Category: Archeological Site
Conservation Tool: Conservation Easement held by Douglas County
Cost: $25,000
Partners: Douglas County, Colorado Historical Society, Denver Museum of Natural History, Archaeological Conservancy, private individuals
Location: Northwest Douglas County, southeast of Chatfield State Park