Norton Farm Open Space

The Town of Parker made their first open space acquisition in 1999 with the purchase of the Norton property. This 72-acre property is located along Cherry Creek on the west side of Parker Road at the Arapahoe County line. The property’s main purpose is as a buffer from the development to the north.

For the past few decades the Norton property has been a horse boarding, breeding, and training facility. Though a portion of the property lies in the riparian zone, the majority of the property is an upland pasture. Willows, rushes and sedges densely populate the stream banks. The remainder of the property has been heavily grazed and will undergo a reseeding effort before it is open to the public.

The Cherry Creek Trail crosses the west side of the property and access to the trail is already open to the public. The trail is bordered on both sides by mature cottonwood trees. The trail ends at the Arapahoe County line.

Year Protected: 1999
Acre: 72
Land Category: Trail Corridor
Conservation Tool: Fee title with conservation easement
Cost: $1,600,000 (Douglas County, Town of Parker, and Great Outdoors Colorado)
Location: West of State Highway 83 at the Arapahoe County line in the Cherry Creek Corridor