Woodlands Bowl Conservation Easement

Though a relatively small parcel of land, Woodlands Bowl serves a big role as the center of the Woodlands neighborhood and is a key part of a trail corridor connecting Castle Rock with points east.

The Woodlands Homeowner’s Association began a grassroots effort to save the property from development of more than 100 multi-family units. It was as a result of their determination that the land is now open to passive recreational opportunities for generations to come. For more information on this property, contact the Town of Castle Rock or 303-660-1036.

Year Protected: 2000
Acre: 28
Land Category: Natural Open Space Park/Trail
Conservation Tool: Fee Title
Cost: $300,000 Town of Castle Rock, $175,000 Woodlands HOA, $25,000 Douglas County
Location: Woodlands subdivision east of the Castle Rock Recreation Center