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Sharptail Ridge Open Space and Trail


Sharptail Ridge trails challenge visitors as they extend from undulating prairie foothills into the hidden, rocky hogback and then climb for miles through Douglas County’s Nelson Ranch and Pike Hill Open Space properties via Swallowtail and Ringtail trails, and joins the Pike National Forest Indian Creek trails in the beautifully wooded front range foothills.  Make this a half-day or full-day hike or horseback ride.

Sharptail Ridge is a regionally significant movement-corridor for wildlife – including elk, deer, wild cats and ground-nesting birds. This open space was acquired in partnership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Great Outdoors Colorado with the commitment by Douglas County  to be responsible custodians of the wildlife on this land. As part of this charge, dogs and bicycles are prohibited at all times to ensure wildlife traveling the corridor are not disturbed.

Sharptail Ridge Open Space closes for hunting in the fall, as regulated by Colorado Park and Wildlife.  The 2020 hunting season is complete and the property is open.  

Size: 4.6 mile trail

Hours: One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

Property/Trail Information:

  • Natural surface, moderate based on the length and gently rolling hills
  • Approximately 4.6 miles, where it connects with Douglas County’s Swallowtail Trail and onto Ringtail Trail.  Connections can lead to the Pike National Forest’s Indian Creek Trailhead, the Colorado Trail, and Roxborough State Park trails
  • Hiking and horseback riding.
  • Bicycles and dogs are prohibited at Sharptail Ridge Open Space by County resolution and per the conservation easement held by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • Sharptail Ridge map


  • Log-cabin style group picnic shelter
  • Restroom (portable)
  • Interpretive signs
  • Benches
  • Water spigot
  • Unpaved parking lot for cars and 7 horse trailers (15 with overflow
  • Hitch rails


  • Variety of wildlife including elk herds