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Elections Student Art Contest

Douglas County Elections encourages students from Kindergarten – 12th grade to participate in the Elections Student Art Contest held every four years during a Presidential Election. Each contest features four divisional themes. Thank you to the 108 students from across Douglas County who participated in the Douglas County Elections Student Art Contest in 2020!

The 2020 Student Art Contest panel of judges was Douglas County Clerk & Recorder, Merlin Klotz, Douglas County Clerk & Recorder Chief Deputy, Codie Winslow, and Douglas County Deputy of Elections, Jack Twite.

“Students really take the four civic themes of this contest to heart. You can see it in their thoughtful and unique artwork,” said Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Merlin Klotz, “We are truly proud to see this level of creativity, awareness and engagement from the young people in our community.”

Winners in the four categories are listed below:

Division 1, Grades K – 3, “American the Beautiful” (choose your favorite landscape or place) – 50 entries were received

Art contest Division 1 winner

1st place – Anirudh Rao, grade 3, STEM School Highlands Ranch
“Faces of America”

2nd place – Daisy Pitts, grade 1, Platte River Academy
“Our Beautiful Oceans”

3rd place – Aubrey Wilson, grade 3, Mammoth Heights Elementary
“Freedom and Unity. The American Dream”

Division 2, Grades 4-6, “What does America mean to you?” (What does America mean to you?) – 36 entries were received

Division 2 Art Contest Winner

1st place – Krishanika Paramasivam Vijayalakshmi, grade 4, STEM School Highlands Ranch
“My American Dream”

2nd place – Jamie Ardoin, grade 5, Redstone Elementary
“9-11 Memorial”

3rd place– Caden Laflin, grade 6, Cloverleaf School
“The Valley of America”

Division 3, Grades 7-8, “Citizenship in my Community” (What does it mean to be a good citizen?) – 16 entries were received

Art contest Division 3 winner

1st place – Siddhartha Aradhya, grade 8, STEM School Highlands Ranch
“What it means to be a good citizen”

2nd place – Angadresma Deodatus, grade 7, home school

3rd place – Samuel Wolfe, grade 7, Cloverleaf Home Enrichment
“Want to be a good citizen? Here are 4 easy steps…”

Division 4, Grades 9-12, “My vote, my voice” (Why is the right to vote important?) – 6 entries were received

Division 4 Art Contest Winner

1st place – Erika Olson, grade 12, Douglas County High School
“Boosted to the Ballot Box”

2nd place – Gitanjali Rao, grade 10, STEM School Highlands Ranch
“Everyone’s Vote Matters.”

3rd place – Kyliah Edmonds, grade 11, Castle View High School
“A Vote of Values”