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Election Internship Program

Elections Division

The Douglas County Elections Internship Program is a unique opportunity for students interested in public service, government, and elections administration to gain hands-on experience in the Colorado electoral process. This paid internship program provides students with professional experience while gaining foundational knowledge in the areas of:

  • Federal and state election law and rule
  • The role of the County Clerk and Recorder as Chief Election Official
  • Voter registration, education, and outreach
  • Election coordination and administration
  • The Colorado mail ballot process


  • Participants must be current Undergraduate or Graduate students pursuing a degree in Public Administration, Political Science, Business Management, Public Policy, Communications, or a similar focus.
  • US citizenship is required.
  • Must be a Colorado registered voter.
  • Complete Election Judge Application, Oath, and Acceptance.
  • Strict adherence to Douglas County political activity policy.

Program Outline: 

The program is comprised of 120-160 hours fulfilled throughout a 4-month commitment, August through November, and provides flexible scheduling to accommodate two to three 4-hour shifts per week during standard business hours. Workload will vary with a higher concentration of activity from October through Election Day in early November.

Interns will shadow election officials as well as participate in many of the following election activities under close supervision in:

Administrative Operations

  • Comprehension and compliance with Federal and State election law and rules
  • Douglas County Election Plan and Security Plan

Precincts and Boundaries

  • Utilizing GIS software for voter address verification and mapping

Voter Registration

  • Producing and processing voter mail correspondence
  • Managing and updating voter records in Colorado’s statewide voter registration database (SCORE)

Conducting Elections

  • Election coordination with political entities, community partnerships, legal agreements
  • Programming, testing, and auditing of voting system and equipment
  • Ballot content certification, ballot creation, and proofing
  • Voter education and outreach, communications, election watcher program
  • Ballot delivery, collection, receipt, processing, and tabulation
  • Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) operations
  • Election security, results reporting, and certification


Upon successful completion of the Douglas County Elections Internship Program, students will possess:

  • Professional experience in a government office
  • Understanding of the security and integrity of Colorado elections
  • Valuable insight into potential career fields
  • Civic awareness as a more informed and engaged citizen

Complete the information below to receive an application when the program is open.