Noxious Weed Advisory Commission

The Noxious Weed Advisory Commission is State Mandated by Colorado House Bill 90-1175 and members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.   By Colorado State Statute, at a minimum of four members must own and reside on more than 40 acres in Douglas County. The Commission recommends policies and programs related to management of undesirable plants within the broader framework of a long-term resource management goal for the County; encourages research, understanding, and education regarding noxious weeds; assists the Board of County Commissioners in assessing the extent of noxious weeds existing in Douglas County, and collaborates with the municipalities, government agencies, other county weed boards and weed control officers in the furtherance of noxious weed management.  For additional information please contact Johnathan Rife, Weed & Mosquito Control Program Coordinator at 303-660-7480 or

Meeting Schedule

The Noxious Weed Advisory Commission meets on an as-needed basis.


Lee LaPerrier – Sedalia – 40+ acres
Janice Wiskamp – Littleton – 40+ acres
Marjorie Nockels – Sedalia – 40+ acres
Elaine Peck – Parker – 40+ acres
Ghislaie (Gillen) Griswold – Sedalia
Eric Ness – Parker
Morgan Paulk – Larkspur – 40+ acres
Amanda Cushing – Littleton
David Hensley –  Alternate

Application Information