Placement Alternatives Commission

The Douglas County Placement Alternatives Commission serves as the Douglas County Juvenile Community Review Board and members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.   Prior to placement of a child in a residential community placement the Placement Alternatives Commission members review the case file of the child and make a decision regarding residential community placement taking into consideration the results of the objective risk assessment by the Department of Human Services; the needs of the child; and the criteria established based on the interests of the community.  For additional information contact Dan Makelky, Human Services Director, at 303-688-4825.

Meeting Schedule

The Placement Alternatives Commission meets on the third Friday of the month (as needed).


Laurie Elliot – Arapahoe / Douglas Mental Health
Dan Makelky – Douglas County Human Services Director
Joe Barela – Arapahoe / Douglas Works
Captain Kevin Duffy – Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Beth Miller – Shiloh House / Placement
Betsy Peffer – Douglas County School District
Jedd Hafer – Foster Parent
Shelly Sack – Probation
Pamela Wakefield – Attorney
Barb Kamdat – Development Pathways
Marsha Alston – Douglas County Youth Initiative
Paula Allderdice – Tri County Health Department

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