Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)

An Intergovernmental agreement is a collaborative management effort authorized by Colorado State Statutes in order for local governments to enter into agreements with one another to provide any function, service, or facility lawfully authorized to each of the cooperating or contracting parties.  The IGA sets forth the purpose, power, rights, obligations, and responsibilities, financial and otherwise, of each party to the agreement and may include a specific time period.


Douglas County and the City of Aurora, Gartrell Investment Company, LLC, and DBC-Colorado Investments, LLC entered into an agreement regarding the annexation of the Gartrell property into the City of Aurora.  The County’s desire was to ensure that the City of Aurora would use the Gartrell Water rights pursuant to certain terms and conditions; to impose certain limits and criteria on the subdivision and zoning of the land; to create and maintain a buffer area; to ensure that Gartrell would make certain improvements to Inspiration Drive; and to ensure that the City’s future annexations, subdivision, zoning, and development of other territory in Unincorporated Northeastern Douglas County was consistent with the County’s Comprehensive Master Plan adopted 5/1/01.


Douglas County and the Town of Parker entered into an agreement authorized by the Local Governmental Land Use Control Enabling Act in order to jointly plan and regulate land use.  The Town and the County adopted a Comprehensive Development Plan for areas within their respective jurisdictions, in an effort to provide a formal collaborative process, with the desired result of better public planning and growth management.  Continued high growth within the Northeast area of the County precipitated this agreement.