Multiple Offender Program

The Douglas County Multiple Offender program (DCMOP) has filled a void, where in the past our District / County Court Judges had no options other than to sentence serious alcohol offenders to a lengthy jail stay.  Individuals may be eligible for early release under the supervision of the DCMOP.  The DCMOP consists of four phases that spans a minimum of 365 days.  You will spend 90 days in the county jail and the remainder of your jail sentence within this program should the Court approve your participation.  You will be required to participate in treatment programming (Moral Recognition Therapy and Level II Education and Therapy), curfew monitoring, transdermal alcohol monitoring, support group attendance, random urinalysis testing and caseload management meetings as required.  In order to be screened for participation, you will be required to report to the Community Justice Services office and meet with the DCMOP therapy team prior to your sentencing hearing.  You will receive ongoing support that assist with the challenges of addiction.  Once the participant completes the program they have been given the skills and resources to be successful in our communities.   The program cost is $120.00/week which is paid to Community Justice Services in the form of cash, credit card (processing fee), or money order.