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Custom Map Services

It is the goal of the GIS Division to provide high quality products and timely service, but it should be understood that turn around times on public requests are based upon current project demands and available staff.  Custom maps could require up to two weeks to complete with a minimum completion time of five business days.

Custom maps are defined as any map not listed as a Standard Map Product or a Standard Map Product requiring modifications.  The minimum fee for a custom map is $50.00 includes one ANSI E sized (34in. x 44in.) hard copy map, digital map in .pdf format or both. For maps taking longer than one hour to complete an additional hourly fee of $50.00 includes will be charged.  Additional hard copy maps (regardless of size) will cost $10 per copy.

Spatial Analysis services will be charged the hourly rate of $50.00 as well.

Existing Project Maps refer to products created for specific county departments or outside projects.  The files required to print these maps are generally deleted after a project but if they still reside on the system, we may be able to retrieve them for reprints.  Any modifications to the map will be considered a Custom Map Request.  In order to assist us with finding the original source, the customer is required to supply map title, date, and program path located on or near the bottom right of the map.