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Public Health Department


Public Health Executive Director Recruitment
If you’re an experienced public health administrator or physician with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for cultivating dynamic systems to address the entire spectrum of public health services, look no further.
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We are committed to the delivery of exceptional public health services to Douglas County consistent with the specific needs of our communities and the following three tracks on which Douglas County has been traveling for the past year to achieve just that:

  • Governance –Today, 49 of the 64 counties in Colorado have already chosen a single-county, locally-controlled board of health model. We join those counties in doing so because the unique needs of our citizens and our size at 357,000 demand it.
  • Continuity of Core Public Health Services – Public health services in Douglas County are budgeted and will continue through 2022 with the existing Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) through an intergovernmental agreement between Douglas County and TCHD.
  • Understanding the unique public health needs of Douglas County – A public process, led by Douglas County and a team of public health experts, is underway to identify the unique public health needs of our communities through the implementation of a Community Health Assessment and a Public Health Improvement Plan, both requirements of state law for all public health agencies.

Boards and Committees

  • Board of Health
  • Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) was a short-term ad-hoc committee established to explore options and opportunities related to the delivery of public health services for the residents of Douglas County.  The Committee provided guidance and insight, from a citizen perspective, for the Douglas County Community Health Assessment and Public Health Improvement Plan as well as assisted in evaluating the feasibility of transitioning to an independent, local public health agency for Douglas County. The Committee’s recommendations were presented to the Douglas County Board of Health on Jan. 13.
  • Local Public Health Working Group is staffed by county employees that work with public health services in areas such as Emergency Management, Environmental Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Community Health Promotion, Planning & Information Management, and Internal Services.  The Working Group is charged with developing those options and opportunities related to the delivery of public health services.  Click here to view the Local Public health working Group Binder.


Public Health Orders in Douglas County

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